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Amazon FBA Freight

We regularly deliver goods straight into Amazon’s UK fulfilment warehouses. This means customers don’t need to see or touch their products to get them to market! A lot of customers import products to the UK to sell online via Amazon, eBay and their own websites. We do everything possible make the process of importing easier than ever so if you use Amazon’s fulfilment centres then we can save you some money by delivering direct to them.

Not having to handle your products is an attractive proposition for many online traders who sell large numbers of items. Amazon offers a great solution but they require that you work to their strictly regulated practices.

We provide services of importing, custom clearing, palletizing, and transporting your goods to Amazon FBA centers. If you want to ship your products from China to Amazon UK warehouse or from anywhere else in the world for that matter we can help. If you need the goods shipped into Amazon urgently then we can arrange air freight shipments direct to Amazon UK or if you’re looking to keep your costs down then sea freight is the preferred option.

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